Are 4G Proxies Better than Residential Proxies? Let’s Find Out!

Are 4G Proxies Better than Residential Proxies? Let’s Find Out!

We all know that, if you´re serious about collecting information relevant to your industry or seamlessly managing multiple social media accounts, you need to mask your IP with a proxy.

However, not all proxies work the same way. Indeed, while all types of proxies are great for masking your IP, they differ wildly in terms of reliability, speed, and stability.

For instance, Data Center proxies tend to be really fast and secure, while offering decent prices for tons of IP addresses and bandwidth. However, they have become the target of preemptive discrimination by most social media platforms, retailers, and large data sources. They are easily detectable and they´re quickly flagged as suspicious, getting their users banned after just a few actions. What’s worse, if one IP gets blocked, you can be almost certain that all of your IPs from the same center will go to the chopping block in seconds.

Residential proxies were born to circumvent these problems, and have become a staple in almost every online industry.

Residential proxies are intermediary servers located at a residential venue. They reroute your connection, giving you a brand new IP address that belongs to that device. Since these servers do not belong to Data Center corporations or governments, websites assume that they´re real users trying to legitimately access their data and products.

The real problem with regular residential proxies is speed and task limits. While residential proxy speed has improved over the years, they still lag behind data centers and mobile options. The task limit is another roadblock when it comes to botting or managing multiple social media accounts. Residential proxies suffer from the same limits regular ISP addresses endure. You might be able to manage 3 or 4 accounts from a single residential proxy IP address, but if you go over that, social media platforms will deem your activity suspicious and might block you. Botting also becomes tricky as you need to carefully calculate how many tasks per second you can perform, rendering some bots virtually useless.

4G proxies have become the Swiss Knife of proxies. They not only act as legit residential users, but they offer incredible speeds and unmatched anonymity.

The difference comes from the fact that IP addresses come from real mobile internet providers and real cell phone antennas. Since they can host hundreds and even thousands of users at any given time, websites and social media platforms are reluctant to block these IP addresses, should they end up blocking legit users.

One other advantage is that 4G proxy IPs allow you to manage far more social media accounts without the risk of getting blocked. The same goes for botting as you can deploy more bot actions per second without raising any alarms.

4G proxies used to be on the expensive side of things. However, as they have become more and more common, prices are now extremely competitive and might soon replace all residential proxies in the near future.

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