Ad Verification

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Make sure your ads are reaching your intended audience by using a reliable and nigh undetectable 4g Proxy service.

Avoid the pitfalls that plague marketers online, and make sure you get legit ad impressions. Quickly and reliably identify shady ad publishers or websites that improperly show your ads, blacklist ad bots and protect your brand from fraudsters.

Ad verification is not illegal or dishonest. Is just a tool like any other that can be used in many ways to offer our customers valuable information that usually takes days or weeks to obtain. It is the best way to make sure your ads are displaying properly, and it is more cost and time effective than hiring locals to check if your campaign is working as planned.

Some of the most common uses include:

Audit traffic sources.
Protect your brand by making sure your ads are not displayed in websites with inappropriate content.
Protect your audiences from malware or redirects.

You could do all of it from your computer at home. However, fraudsters usually put up defenses so you never notice if your ads are being used improperly. If you want to find out how real users see your ads, you will need to hide your real IP and perform ad verification’s without being noticed so you can dump all the relevant data on spreadsheets or other usable formats.

Mobile Proxies provide the speed you need for botting combined with awesome stealth capabilities. Our 4G proxies allow any organization to gather vital information from sources located all around the world from a consumer’s viewpoint with total transparency and reliability.