What’s the Best Proxy You Can Buy? Let’s Get Real!

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At this point, you probably know how to leverage the power of proxies and use them to your advantage. They are among the most versatile tools out there for those who understand the value of accurate data.

However, not every kind of proxy offers the same advantages. While one type of proxies might offer you an edge for certain tasks, it can actually harm you when changing the focus of your activities.

So, what’s the best proxy you can buy?

Well, you could say that it depends. However, after all is said and done, there are clear winners.
Data-center Proxies still offer the most bang for the buck. They´re very easy to get in bulk and their speed is great. Data scraping is a breeze, and some retail sites offer no resistance to obvious botting activity, creating a situation where only the fastest bots can cop on those sites.

The problem with data center proxies is that it is very easy to find out when an IP comes from one of these corporations. Since websites prefer authentic user traffic, they restrict access to these generic IPs. This is mostly done so their servers never get overwhelmed with requests and they guarantee a seamless experience to real users, but they also do it to make it harder for competitors to gather information.

Residential IP’s usually take care of this by allowing you to have an IP that looks like a real user. These are very popular as they allow you to bypass many of the security measures put up by websites and platforms.

The only problem is that they tend to be slower than data center proxies, making them sub optimal for botting in certain pages. But if the page you are targeting has waiting rooms of any kind, then residential IP’s are just fine.

I have nothing against residential proxies as they tend to allow for good performance and stability, but there are limitations inherent to them. For example, managing multiple social media accounts from one residential IP can cause problems as Instagram only allows for a small number of requests to come from a single IP. This creates a cost-efficiency problem where managing multiple accounts make little sense from a financial point of view.

As mobile traffic started becoming more prevalent, mobile proxies started to make sense. These are IPs provided by mobile carriers themselves, and they come right from one of their antennas where hundreds or even thousands of people connect simultaneously every day from.

Websites have a hard time flagging them as there might be hundreds of legit users connected from the same IP. They also imitate mobile traffic as IP changes the same way our cellphones do when moving around. 4G proxies are very fast and stable and typically allow for more actions and requests from the same IP than residential ones.

4G Proxies used to be on the expensive side of things and were considered overkill by most. However, as prices have gone down, they have become a sensible choice for those who want to buy proxy services.

They have quickly become a favorite among those who manage multiple social media accounts, or simply want to scrape accurate data from all over the world without being detected.
Given the clear advantages, and the current affordability, 4g proxies are the best proxies you can buy.

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